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Sweet Dreams - Roy Buchanan

From The Departed Soundtrack

roy buchanan guitar player


Sweet Dreams is an instrumental piece.

Blues guitarist Roy Buchanan is known for his use of note-bending, staccato runs, and pinch harmonics. Buchanan was a pioneer of the Fender Telecaster sound.

Buchanan used a number of guitars throughout his career, although he was most often associated with a 1953 Telecaster guitar he named 'Nancy', which he used to produce his trebly signature tone.Rarely did Buchanan utilize 'stomp boxes' although later live performances utilized a digital delay. The 'sound' of Buchanan is essentially an overdriven Telecaster to a Fender amp on 10.

Buchanan taught himself many guitar styles, including the 'chicken pickin' style.He sometimes used his thumb nail rather than a plectrum and also employed it to augment his index finger and plectrum. Holding his thumb at a certain angle, Buchanan was able to hit the string and then partially mute it, suppressing lower overtones and exposing the harmonics, a technique now known as 'pinch harmonics'. Buchanan had the ability to execute pinch harmonics on command, and could mute individual strings with free right-hand fingers while picking or pinching others.

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