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Oliver Stone

Profile of American film director, Oliver Stone

oliver stone directing World Trade Center movie

Oliver Stone interviewing Fidel Castro

Oliver Stone and Colin Farrel

Angelina Jolie and Oliver Stone on the set of Alexander

Martin Scorsese was a teacher and mentor to Oliver Stone in the early days of his film career. Both directors are native New Yorkers, and share the same passion for cinema. Scorsese is credited for helping Stone to focus and channel his rage into his films.

Over the years, Oliver Stone has spent his career writing, directing, and producing such popular and sometimes controversial masterpieces as JFK, Natural Born Killers, Platoon, Wall Street, Nixon, The Doors movie, and Born on the Fourth of July.

As of 2006, Oliver Stone has won three Academy Awards. His first "Oscar" was in 1978 for Best Adapted Screenplay for Midnight Express. He also won Oscars for Best Director with Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July.

Other films he has written screenplays for include; Conan the Barbarian, Scarface, and Evita.

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