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Leonardo DiCaprio is Billy Costigan in "The Departed"

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Leonardo DiCaprio adds another dramatic role to his resume with The Departed. As Billy Costigan, he is a state policeman assigned to infiltrate a local mob syndicate. This role comes after a string of parts in his deep, 15-year career have seen him as everything from a mentally challenged teenager in What's Eating Gilbert Grape to Howard Hughes in The Aviator.

DiCaprio was born in Los Angeles and started acting while still in elementary school. His made early appearances in ABC’s Growing Pains as well as the television version of Parenthood. In 1992 he landed the coveted role of a young Tobias Wolff in This Boy’s Life, playing opposite Robert De Niro.

Although he made several acclaimed films early in his career, such as The Man in the Iron Mask and The Basketball Diaries, DiCaprio will probably always be know for his role as Jack Dawson in 1997's Titanic.

In 2002, DiCaprio began working with critically acclaimed directors by starring in two epic movies; Catch Me If You Can (directed by Steven Spielberg), and Gangs of New York (directed by Martin Scorsese). Both films were very well received by critics.

His upcoming projects include The Blood Diamond, a film about diamond mining that fuels civil war in Africa. In 2008 he will star in The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, directed again by Martin Scorsese.

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